Shoe Laces – A Walk or a Drag?

Where is this all heading? On my part, I have already asked this question a million times. There are times when life has no directions. It’s like bizarre – lacks suave and charm. Lately, the time machine has churned so much to adjust to, settle down on, fit into, fantasize through, and traverse across, and all for just a single reason, to be Alive.

I might want to talk of  a shoe-lace, which has to go through a set and a programmed path to tie both the ends. Of life. And of Mind. So, one end typically is the mind that doesn’t want to follow any damn thing in this World! 😛 The other end is Life, which exactly has to follow all that mind doesn’t want to! The battle – they have to wed to make both ends meet and complete a loop.

So, what is making me to write a blog post that is slightly depressive and faintly imposing? Well, 2 things. One, I messed up at least 15 times while tying the shoe-laces for my sneakers exactly when I was supposed to rush somewhere (pathetic, I know); and second, I observed why I messed up and what it has to do with this time frame. There is a reason to it! And I’m sure most of you reading this post will have reasons to connect as well.

My Life, err well – nothing great about it actually. But yes, it’s kind of really unpredictable. Now it may be argued, correctly even. I honestly experience frustration when I expected too much from someone or for something and it didn’t materialize. No matter what words are spoken to me, no one can ever make a step for me but me only. I do believe that every move of our feet has a corresponding way to reach. But what if somebody pulls us back! Talking of people whom I have known – vaguely and unwillingly following whatever comes to them! They behave recklessly and imprudently. Though there are people who are very much hook with material things, there are still people of category-2 who value those things that cannot be bought by money or they are little colourful bubbles called friendship, love and so on. My part of pie – more of category-1 😛

My Mind, err.. a little bit about it. My mind does a wonderful job by taking different waves at different frequencies and turning them into something intelligible, but it does error and on top of that it makes systematic mistakes; yeah I know to err is human, but the mind just can’t stop wishing! I could no longer think of how many times I have wished on a wishing well.

It’s for each one of us to think whether or not are our shoe laces tied the way they  should be? Or, are they just tied loosely for the sake of being in a loop; or do they create any better sense out of the path they have followed. Does the mind plot well on the life map? To me, definitely they aren’t. They are free swings of thread still traversing the path they have to travel and make both the ends meet – the Mind and the Life.

And rightly as I feel it now, the cute little kiddy shoes were far better than these ones with complex laces. That’s all the charm of being a kid – no mind and just Life.

Looking to walk well soon 🙂 And you?



8 thoughts on “Shoe Laces – A Walk or a Drag?

  1. oh buddy… this is the real fact of life.. hell lot of things to come by way…this is probably the starting of it.. i look u as a reality writer..i must say…

  2. I simply want to tell you that I am just beginner to blogs and definitely loved this web-site. Almost certainly I’m want to bookmark your website . You absolutely come with impressive well written articles. Thanks for revealing your blog site.

    • Hey Dustin.. extremely sorry for a late reply 😦
      And thanks a lot for your words; glad that my writing is being liked so much 🙂 Stay in touch! Good day!

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