When I was told – “Abandon this Blog!”

Lately, I found myself being treated a little callous! I get this strong feeling also because I know myself as somebody who will write a thing only once it can’t be contained inside anymore. I realized that for a person who writes, like you and me – the typical participants of this chain, we all should keep a lot of responsibility towards how we are being read through our writings. Are we being read right or wrong or obnoxious? 😦

It is absolutely important to reach out to people and get enough feedback on the kind of thoughts we splash in the form of a blog-post, a comment, an anecdote or word that comes out of our minds and rests on a paper. I did a little introspection here.

I often find myself thinking back to that day, when I was a college pass-out all set to take up a new life. In many ways I almost can’t believe that it’s been five years since then. I miss my friends, I miss the brick-like building of AMITY that stood high and sheltered a pool of thousand people at once. What I miss most, is the clear mind that I then kept within me. Free and frolic dreaming good new things, all overflowing! And I started writing them down. That’s how this started – the helpless habit of penning down whatever overflows me. To be honest I wasn’t that kicked about this idea then, until I was told about my writings by a friend of mine, that he really admires the way I put things on a paper and then eventually in minds. I was delighted by the little line he said.. 🙂

But today, I’ve actually had some bad news about my writing. 5 years down the lane, the same idea has left me thinking over credibility of my thoughts and their overflow.  Readers have come up to me showing distress, and some of them who even asked to stamp out this blog! Has my capacity to contain things diminished? Am I writing foolishly? Am I putting too thin a line between my thoughts and my words? Am I not known to hiding necessary details? Or, am I trying to sell my sorrows here. Definitely none of these.. 😐

I’ve had insomnia for a couple of weeks thinking this all until I recently stumbled upon this thought. I am probably not writing what I want to, but what I am made to, by my mind. And you know what, it’s even more heartening. Because it’s easy to write what we want to write, but it takes a bunch of nerves to give words to thoughts that hit like electrons and sometime carry no meaning to outside world, but still need an outlet. Hence to me, people read and admire, or they ask to stamp out – either way it’s encouraging.

No looking back so soon to this! I’ve never really thought of myself as much of a blogger; but a drifter. And the stream looks promising ahead. I don’t give a damn to the timid that are there to stone at it! :-/

Drift along…Cheers! 🙂


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