Je m’aime :)

Create 7 hours in my life every week where I am alone with a piece of paper and pen, or my laptop. Turn my phone off. Cut off from the Internet. Pull down the shades. ❤ Perhaps make a cup of green tea. Do whatever it takes to get settled. This is a time specifically for me with no interruptions from the outside world. ❤ I will live by example. I will live with honesty so that my thoughts, speech and action are aligned with my true self. ❤ I will be strong, and fit in body and mind. I will not be fearful of getting older. Instead I will be spellbound! I will seek out help when my body needs alignment and poise. ❤ I will continue to be an eccentric, thoughtful, fun, healthy, and progressive person filled with balance. My spiritual life will be deep and connected. ❤ Financially I will be comfortable and able to add generously to tasks that will benefit all people. I will foster and build up old, new, and diverse relationships. ❤

I pledge to live my own gift. I pledge to witness, that when I sit down and I just write; I lose track of time.Je vais me faire plaisir 🙂 🙂 ❤


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