♥ Christmas in My Heart ♥


Christmas has always been an amazing festival for me. Right from my school days at St. Paul’s Convent till just about 20 hours back; this festival has always thrilled me to core and has made me happier when I needed it most! Christmas’12 wasn’t an exception either 🙂

This year it got merrier, because I celebrated it with entities that are closest to God than anyone else could be. A bunch of 63 kids – all of them special in their own ways despite of being HIV infected. And trust me it’s not HIV that causes them pain, but it’s the unjust by ‘we the people’.

As a part of CSR drive, we went to an NGO called ‘Manavya’ that is located around 15 kms from Pune. As soon as we reached, we were all greeted by smiles, smiles and only smiles 🙂 Smiles though, I noticed, lacked a spark in them.  Not that these kids are bereaved of basic amenities, the NGO manages to get enough donations to be able to bring-up these kids quite well. And they are doing a great job at this! But what these kids really lack is ‘attention’ from their parents, from loved ones, from their own people.

It occurred as a shocking fact when we were told that out of these 63 kids – 20 odd are such who are not really orphans, but have been disowned because of AIDS. I made sure to myself – not to pronounce a single word of curse for those people who gave them birth to one day just leave them on their own! But at back of my mind, yes that’s what I was doing.


Talking of the merrier times, it was a splendid stint talking to these kids, interacting with them, playing games, and helping them decorate Christmas trees with various themes as ‘Cartoons’, ‘Planetarium’ and so on.. I remember a kid saying that he misses his brother and that I should ask his brother (who is an un-infected sibling) to get him back his cricket-kit which he got from elders in family as birthday gift. I just kept looking at the boy for the ‘hope’ that he still keeps-up, and probably which will never come true for him. I could do nothing but swallow it all inside me, and surface a smile to him 🙂


As for me, I was only smiling and clicking pictures for these fun-packed little angels, who were posing crazily to my digicam! What a moment of fun and frolic – I have made a promise to myself to visit them once a month at-least; for I know they are always waiting for me and might be even for You 🙂

Through this blog-post, I really want to urge you all to spend sometime of your busy lives with kids who are not orphans, but are vastly blessed by God for the strength they possess! They have seen so much in their lives and are still hopeful of good things happening to them someday. We have no control on most of the good that can happen to them, but we surely have control on one good – the goodness of attention and care that they always crave!


What I know is, that I was smiling all the times; perhaps because it was largely a reflection of those smiling faces 🙂

Undoubtedly, the BEST Christmas ever 🙂





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