Human Landmines? Yes,they do exist!


I am writing this NOT because most of the people around are talking this, or most of the TV channels are earning good out of this, and neither because it’s a recent black dot on us Indians. I was going through my Twitter stream this morning to suddenly realize, that one in every ten tweets spoke about distorted psyche, change in society, and brutal manifestation that is sprouting in disturbed minds of our generation.

Our generation is a split of people who keep a distorted psyche, and people who ‘knowingly ignore’ that distortion. The former is stronger; and that’s where India suffers a setback! There are eyes that split-open to the societal wrong – revoke – rebel – set rules on fire, but then there are foot-steps that get dragged into those wrongs – go through betrayal – keep silent – die one day. What is required is the running-into each other of these two streams and flow as ONE.

Distorted psyche, as I see, is like a landmine that can explode any moment. What happened with the innocent girl from Delhi was an example of this. She protests when a bunch of cowards assault her, and they consider it their license to stalk and rape her. This takes us to a point where we will eventually start believing that – more than bombs and armaments, there are human landmines around us that are always ticking and ticking faster. And messing up with them can trigger an explosion striking back at us, with who knows – might be a knife, a gun or as heinous as act of molestation!

Law amendments can change rules on paper, but law is something that’s not enough to eradicate these landmines around us – it simply can’t! We need to keep a watch, but

– Need NOT to waste our time thinking on these human landmines anymore!

– Need NOT to wait years and years for their betrayal or punishment that might not even happen ever!

Instead, we NEED to self-help a lot! We need to be alert, sensitive, firm in a zero-tolerance rule and willing to help and safeguard our people. What is good to note here is: there is a change in the way people have started taking such heinous acts; a change in the way the youth think today.

We all walk over hundreds of such landmines daily with a fear in mind that nothing from our end triggers them to explode and turn on us violently. How to change this? How to treat these human landmines around us? That is where education, spirituality, a greater consciousness come in. As a population of youth, professionals, researchers, parents, teachers, friends, politicians and so on so forth – we need to introspect and think of ways to curb crime off our ‘Psyche’ and not just at a legal level. Hope we all know that it’s as critical to our survival as building great cities, extravagant malls or planning our finances!

2012 definitely shouldn’t have ended with me writing about this sad happening. But that’s where I found my new-year resolution – to be a good citizen and a better human 🙂 Praying for a much more peaceful and a happy 2013.



One thought on “Human Landmines? Yes,they do exist!

  1. An interesting way to look at the reason for all these ticking landmines..
    Numbers has always worked, be it Ramdev, Anna or now for Nirbhaya. Keeping it up will force the authorities to work in the right direction too. With elections approaching, even government wants to avoid messup. Good time to make them work in right direction..

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