3 Shades of W✿men

For past several years, I’ve been working on my mind and my spirit. I’ve been finishing my daily chores and I have decided that there is actually no such thing as finishing. There’s only running out of time. Few months ago, I thought the world was going to be so much of worth living! But few weeks back, I realized that all is well. Except…I can’t sleep 😀 Well for one of those tonight(s), I would be using this awesome time to pen down my thoughts about..being a Woman?? Nah! Might be a better version of it: Being ‘surrounded’ by 3 awesome Women I know. Getting to it quickly here..

✿ Life in a Cocoon ✿


“There’s a story behind everything..but behind all your stories is always your mother’s story..because hers is where yours begins.” I loved these words 🙂 This takes me to My Mother – a friend, a sweetheart and a pious lady who hushed me in her arms every time I needed her. My mother, to be honest, hasn’t seen much of good in her life without struggle. But what I saw always on her face in times of my struggle – is the confidence that she keeps in me. She wasn’t and in fact isn’t yet today a Woman of her self-being; she instead is a Woman who gave up herself for beings like me, my Father, my Brother and now of-course sweetu-pie Gypsy. She smiles, giggles, weeps, frowns, fiddle with, cooks, sparkles, embrace, manages all not for her self-being; but for all who are World to her. Owe you my life, Mom.

✿ Out in the Cold ✿

NidhiBeing Nidhi is synonymous to being Strong and being ‘Nautanki’ ;). Story of this cute and chirpy lady started in my life some 5 years back in Delhi. Nidhi is a real fruit-n-nut mix out in that hard nerved job of being an Admin Manager! Guts and hard-line, valor and charm, beauty and brains – huh – I have hardly seen somebody who can contain these divergent attributes in one being, but her. She is the open arm to me when it comes to sustaining hard times (which apparently visit both of us quiet often), and a perfect critic to my roles at professional and personal fronts. From shopping bags till ugliest moments (err, like really ugly!) – we’ve shared things and opinions that we both have probably haven’t shared with our Mothers even (Sorry Mom! But certain things I can say only to this dilli ki ladki) Here’s to you lady in the cold: “A successful woman takes the bricks the devil throws at her and uses them to lay a firm foundation!”

✿ Straight from the Earth ✿

Camera 360

Few players are just made to stay there in field – in sports we call them champions and in life I call them Nandini maushi (maushi is the word used for Maternal aunt), the first lady whom I see every morning. She is grounded in deep soils with all strength to face realities of life. She is one whom I know for not more than 4 months now, but in little interactions that we have while I do my daily chores and she offers a helping hand – feels like I have known whole world of her – which necessarily means her Daughter and Son 🙂 Apart from 5 hours of, probably a restless, sleep, she is on her toes all the 19 hours. With such strong roots inside, no mighty hurricane as a financial emergency or a hot-gush of surviving in a hectic work-day of 19 hours shakes their will. As I said she is an earthy personality, so the only way to understand what keeps her smiling despite of all the hard work, is to ‘bow down’ with respect for this hard working woman. 🙂

Next, I don’t want this blog-post to turn into a Women-empowerment speech by Apeksha, so keeping it plain and simple here: Before we W✿men seek respect, gratitude and concern from the other gender, it’s utterly important that we value and respect ourselves first. We need to hold hands firm to fight for each other and keep up the charm! ✿

I agree that I have been unlucky enough to face harsh realities of life – and I guess everybody does – but in all these times, I have also been lucky ‘cuz of these 3 awesome women in my life, I’ve always felt charged-up for challenges. We ladies are basically awesome and ‘never gonna give-up’ kinda creatures – and that’s what makes us superior to Men in terms of Strength, Acumen, Style and not to miss ‘die-hard shopping’ 😉

Wishing all of you pretty ladies out there a Very Happy International W✿men’s Day!! 🙂 🙂 Cheers!! ✿


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