Whatever it takes! ☺


What a lovely audience for this post! ☺Welcome you all to a short-post of its kind; and glad I got some time to sit, relax and write! That’s where I thought, might be, its best to keep the title of this post about things that we want to do – but are not able to do – and finally do them saying “whatever it takes!” ☺ So here’s just a rambling write-up on a “not so happening” Friday :-/ (Audience clueless..)

Now here, I’m gonna turn little “philosophical” as they say? I guess, we all make mistakes during our lifetimes, some big, some small, some we regret, and some we learn from. I mean, ask me!! ☺☺ (Audience laughs in the background…)

And the next thing we do – we torture our minds with over-analysis. Well, at-least I do. We begin to act differently around certain people, because we want to impress them, or maybe because we simply don’t want to disappoint them. How often have you found yourself occupied trying to be something that you’re not; or moving through the world at such a rapid pace trying to be someone else? (Audience nodding in agreement…) 

And sometimes, indeed in the end, we can’t figure out who we really are. Funny, I know. Just think about it. (Audience thinking…)

I frankly don’t know why people do this; I just know why I did it. Because, I wanted to belong, to find my place. I’m somewhat funny, possibly even charismatic 😉 so it wasn’t that difficult for me to act as if I didn’t care! (Audience stunned….)

Relax! But you know what they say about funny people actually being the saddest of all creatures, right? But that doesn’t matter, as long as on the outside everything seems to be all right and you are at peace with yourself. To be honest with you, one thing I’ve learnt so far is – to live, at cost of whatever it takes! ☺☺ (Audience clapping…)

Thanks for being a great audience, by the way! 



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