Sunday Mock ‘tale ツ


Umm, not a very long blog-post at this hour of the Sunday; and no necessary sequence to paragraphs mentioned here. It’s been so long that I wrote, when today I finally took a gasp to sit down and ‘write’. This post is all about thoughts that hit me in past 30 minutes. Yes, that’s exactly when I decided to pen them down. Like, Mock.

I’m sure we all have what they call as mock’tails which necessarily means a non-alcoholic version of an otherwise alcoholic drink. So as the name for this post goes – it has actually nothing to do with ‘alcohol’ per say; but with the word mock’tale or rather random ramblings and tales that my mind homes.

I Learnt. ヅ

To never let another tell me which path is right for me? I must choose, because their experiences within the realms of this expedition called ‘life’ are unique. The obstacles on their path are much different than mine will ever be.

I Scripted ❤

They are light and beautiful; they are truth and artful;

They are sweetness in salt; they are peephole into heart;

They grow to a peak; they play hide and seek;

All love all fear, for you are these Curious Tears ❤

I Read. o_O

“When I was a kid I was terrified of crowded buses. I was afraid that I would find myself away from the door, and I wouldn’t be able make my way through the crowd. Indeed, kind of a stupid thing to be afraid of, but if you think about it, the most subtle way life can test you whether you really want something is to put someone stand in your way.

It’s one of the most difficult things to do: to push people out of your way. And it’s more about fear than it’s about kindness. It’s more about self-indulgence than it is about altruism.”

This is bang-on!

I Realized. 😐

Take care to keep your memories. In these, you may find pain, or you may once again know love. Remember to look at the photograph with a calm heart. In doing so, you can revisit your experience with complete awareness. You will see what you need to see to find its truth, just as we all do.

I Nodded – In Agreement. 😀




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