Shooting Stars

shooting_star_2-t2While I was a kid, I remember walking-up to my grandpa every possible time and convince him to setup his telescope and point it to star-lit sky. I loved watching stars and skies in night. He, in spite of his age, used to accompany me to terrace and show me moon and stars.

It was so much fun to answer correctly to his ‘star quiz’ – “Tell me, which is that star?” – “It’s easy grandpa! That’s the pole star. One can always find it there intact”! ..only till the time I realized that stars fall too 🙂 and that time seems to have no end ever since.

Each of one us can be sketched back to a star in the sky – those bright, dim, twinkling, dwarf, moving stars. And then there are neighboring stars that guard us, and we guard them back in turn. Each connects to other with rays of care, love, friendship and magical feelings 🙂

While in nascent age, all stars grow together, share experiences, lives and feel secure by just the presence of each other. The trajectory looks lit-up with happiness and  life seems like an effortless journey.

But while a star grows and becomes an ‘I’, aspirations gush through it with such a force that it hardly gets a moment to stop and check its trajectory; its horizons expanding and pushing the guarding stars remoter. It finds itself in this strange quandary where it craves to feel wanted and guided. The trajectory takes a muddled and darker path. Twinkle changes to tarnish; and it burns itself towards a shoot. We all know what happens next – it becomes a shooting star.

We all turn to a shooting star once in our lives. What possibly differs is – some of us are really lucky to head back in the right time because those special characters called ‘Angels’ take over.

I wish – if every shooting star could ask for an Angel 🙂



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