i-info-graph! ;)

Umm, it’s been quite sometime I actually wrote something. Well, too much of work to blame for 😛 Thought of just picking some ‘already-cooked’ stuff and pasting it up here – the recent ‘cool’ as they say and my favorite recipe to woo everyone at my workplace 😉 Infographics, it is 😀

I picked a couple of them from Google, and now I call them my favorite bunch! You’d ask why? Well, you will figure it out! Read on!!

1. Oh Yea! The new ‘fitness-freak’ in me 😀


2. Hello! Are you listening to me? Drake, Stacy and even an infograph understands, then why can’t you 😛


3. Definitely a Dog person I am 😀 Love you Snow ❤ xoxoxoImage

4. Ow Yes! The super-lady at work 😀


5. Oops! I pasted this by mistake!I Stupid! Stupid! :-/

Err, just adding to my GK you know. And of-course, this stands true even while ‘taking’ an interview – which is what I’m doing most of the times nowadays 😀




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